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ideas about designer lamp

ideas about designer lamp

Basically, lamps are of two kinds, table lamps and standing or floor lamps. The purpose of both types of lamps is to illuminate the area where they are stored. From traditional to modern style, there is a wide range of designer lamps available in the market.

Lamps are not only something to illuminate the area but they are also used as a decorative object in the home or office. With a little effort, anyone can get a design lamp that just matches the decor and color scheme of the home decor. Below are some of the most popular items in the list of designer lamps. Let’s take a look at them.


This type of designer lamp has an artistic arc-shaped appearance. These are the floor lamps and are available in different heights and with many shade styles. These lamps are the best to keep in the living room.


This designer lamp is a masterpiece of traditional architecture. This lamp is made by joining different pieces of wood of the same shape and size in a random manner with each successive piece supported by a low voltage lamp. The soft light emitted by this lamp gives a tender and romantic impact on the area where they are held. The wooden structure in this lamp gives nature to the area’s interior.


This is a unique design where a medium-sized globe is supported by a central light. The main features of this design lamp are the long curved stand which consists of stainless steel. This lamp is perfect to place in a corner of a living room or living room with a long arch stand that reaches the center of the room.

Coin lamp:

This is a unique type of designer lamp that works with a special technology. To light this lamp, a coin must be inserted, the internal mechanism of this lamp allows it to be lit for a certain period of time. This is a latest innovation made by a popular designer Jethro Macey and will soon be available in the markets. The basic idea behind the design of this lamp is to highlight the idea of ​​consumption through design and saving.