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durable lamp is a ceramic lamp

durable lamp is a ceramic lamp

The lamp is a device that produces light or heat, with a light bulb on a stand, covered with a shadow.

The table lamp is flexible and the easiest way to supplement the lighting needs. The lamp has become the main and primary need of every bedroom. Table lamps have different sizes and the screen can be 25 “to 32” long. There are different styles and colors of lamps. The color of the lamp depends on the color of the light bulb attached to it.

Ceramic lamps are the lamps whose shade is made of the non-metallic compound that is formed and then hardened by heating to a high temperature.


Ceramic lamps give your home a traditional design. These stylish lamps are beautiful to give the shapes to your home. There are two popular designs of ceramic lamps. Traditional ceramic shapes and ceramic lamps with blue arrow, a traditional ceramic shape dates back to ancient centuries. These lamps can be long, thin, short and wide. These also consist of the various vase-like shapes; some have deep ribbed ribs for an interesting texture. One of the most important types of ceramic lamps is the classic blue and white porcelain. These lamps are elegant and also have a traditional touch. Some other styles are bamboo, cherry blossoms and birds such as lilies, Chinese dragons and Chinese characters.

Production procedures

To understand the process of producing ceramic lamps, it is necessary to learn how to make ceramics. Pressure injection machine is used for this process. An important part of the product is made with injection molding which can shape the product into the desired shape. Firing takes place after the first process is completed. It was performed at high temperature in electric furnaces and natural gas furnaces. Glazing is the third process to strengthen and give products better shape. After this, a sticker can be implemented on the product that can be shaped as your company logo and name. After this process has been prepared, ceramics can now be changed to your desired product such as ceramic lamps, tiles, etc.

Advantages of ceramic lamps

Ceramic lamps have many advantages over other lamps. As we have already discussed, ceramic material is made by very heated procedures. So these lamps are harder and durable. These are useful for a longer period of time. The use of ceramics improves its performance and durability.