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Proper use of large table lamps

Proper use of large table lamps

Several mistakes are made when it comes to lighting a space. One is to charge each room with light bulbs, another is not to distribute the luminaires properly or not to use dimmers of light intensity.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is, for example, to use a lamp that is too small on a large dining table or a large table lamp next to an armchair, both of which give the effect that everything looks disproportionate, to choose the right size of lamps, this must be considered. Another mistake is not to place the lamps at the correct height.

How to choose the right lamp size.

We should know that lamps in stores tend to be smaller than they actually are, before we choose and buy it, we must be clear about the size we need. If we have a large table, we need to place a large table lamp or a set of smaller lamps.

If we have a low table, placed next to an armchair, we must put large table lamps on it to achieve the ideal height. We should know that if we are sitting next to the table lamp, the bottom of the screen should be at shoulder height. If we place the same lamp. On a high table, the screen will exceed eye level so that focus makes us blind.

Choosing the right luminaire.

On the market today, there is a large selection of luminaires in type, shape and size. Our advice is to place an LED light, which is of better quality and performance, in addition to having a number of colors and intensities in a single luminaire. You can also use halogen or cold light, the only luminaire we do not recommend is to use light bulbs, as they are inefficient

The shape and size do not matter for a table lamp, as the screen completely hides it, but if the screen allows visualization of the light bulb, we should pay attention to this detail and place a decorative light bulb.