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Fluorescent lamps: an energy-saving tool

Fluorescent lamps: an energy-saving tool

With the current controversy over climate change, the Australian Government believes that light efficiency provides an opportunity where significant energy savings can be made. Compact fluorescent lamps are the basic tool for saving energy. CFLs work in the same way as linear fluorescent lamps.


In January 1931, Dr. Albert W. Hull from the GE Schenectady Laboratories patented low-pressure steam charging lamps – this was a great achievement in the fluorescent field. In 1934, Dr. Author wrote a letter to Dr. Williams and told him that an English lamp manufacturer has done a great experiment for him to make a lamp. It was a large table lamp, its height was 2 feet long and filled with fluorescent lamps from the center. From there, they have invented a very efficient lamp. This new lamp will only use 240 volt choke ballast and a step-up transformer if used on a 120 V circuit. This size became and remains to this day the most popular fluorescent lamp ever made.

Fluorescent luminaires

Fluorescent lighting also includes fluorescent lamps. This is too popular because it counts for too many lights. It achieved this position in the 1970s and became the world’s most widely used candle. Almost 80% of all lamps used in the world are fluorescent lamps. These can be made in any color, mostly white and in all shades. It is the need of every house, office, masjid, palace, cinema, shopping mall, resorts, TV channels, shops, shopping center, government. places and other places. The living time is very long and the cost is too short. It is easy to use and completely dimmable. In the 1980s, the fluorescent light is amplified by using the compact fluorescent lamp. This has made it cheaper and more energy efficient devices. It is too much light saver that any company has designated fluorescent lamps as energy saving lamps.

Characteristics of fluorescent lamps

The first and foremost quality of the fluorescent device is that it saves light. These are useful in the humid environment. Some other features: the color combination is too good, very low cost and simply useful. Fluorescent lamps are very durable with a long service life. These are also dimmable for special explosions. There are some disadvantages, it is also quite sensitive; it shows light effect cases in cold areas. Some pipes are very long, it will be different to handle these.