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Advantages of outdoor lighting

Advantages  of outdoor lighting

Light fixtures attached to a continuous device called a track, for lighting or decoration are called track lighting. There is indoor track lighting and outdoor track lighting. Track lighting that is installed inside the house is mainly for work lighting, as in an art gallery, to illuminate a series of paintings. Outdoors, however, track lighting is used both as a functional and decorative luminaire.

Benefits of outdoor track lighting

The main advantage of outdoor lighting is that a lot of space can be saved on the ground, as it is hung from above, perhaps on a continuous high beam or hung in a tree. Since several luminaires are connected to a single electrical outlet, a lot of space can be illuminated without taking up much space.

The other advantage of outdoor track lighting is its versatility. There are flexible track lighting options that allow you to direct light in whichever way you choose. You can also choose how many lights you want on a single track and how to place them.

The third advantage is that outdoor track lighting is very easy to install. In most cases, homeowners can install it themselves, with just the basic understanding of wiring.

Another advantage is that outdoor track lighting, especially the flexible ones, can be hung at a height of your choice. They are flexible in their placement, and there is no question of anyone tripping over wires or bumping into a lamp.

Track lighting can be an ideal method for outdoor lighting because you do not need different electrical outlets for each of the luminaires on the track. Therefore, the electrical outlet is often inside the house and the track can go out of the house to the garden and light specific points to either beautify it or to provide light.

The disadvantages of outdoor track lighting

The luminaires on the tracks cannot operate independently. This is a major disadvantage of outdoor track lighting. You can not choose to light only one or two. You can not fog any. They will all be lit or they will all be turned off.

Another disadvantage is that outdoor track lighting cannot flood an area with light. They can only decorate a few specific points. On the Christmas tree they look good as decorative candles, but beyond the tree they shine a little light. You can not read under a track light. You need a different type of light source for that.