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Types of decorative chandeliers

Types of decorative chandeliers

The following types of chandeliers are:

Adam Style chandeliers

These are decorative chandeliers in neoclassical style that can be installed in the living rooms and in the entrances to make the lighting eye-catching. These are easily available in the markets and are available in many different colors.

Chandeliers with arm plate

The lighting part of the chandelier is known as the trunk. The arm plate’s decorative chandeliers have a wooden or metal arm on which the lighting material is fixed. It gives the room a modern and contemporary look.


The light beam is a type of chandelier that has light material made like the candle. These give the chandeliers a modern look. A cross is made of two wooden or metal beams that have light-shaped fixations at the end.

Chandeliers with canopy

The chandelier with canopy is very common today. These decorative chandeliers are often installed in the living rooms. An inverted shallow bowl is placed over the bulbs of the chandeliers that give the shape of the canopy.

Crystal chandeliers

The crystal chandeliers consist mainly of a glass material, it gives a special quality of clarity, resonance and improved lighting to the room. These are modern decorative chandeliers.