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Types of lamps

Types of lamps

A lamp is a replicable lighting unit that helps us to have some artificial light during the night by producing light from electricity. There are a number of lamps to choose from, namely light bulbs, halogen lamps, LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps among many others. All these lamps have different luminaires that hold them in place and help the user to turn them on and off for lighting. Here are some of the fixtures used in these lamps.

Ceiling lights

Light bulbs have a canopy luminaire that is used to hold the light bulb in place in the ceiling. It can also have a long cord that extends from the ceiling from below from where the power cables are to be connected to the light bulb. You will therefore find that the type of lamp fixtures used with light bulbs to include recessed and hanging fixtures.

Recessed lamps

This type of lamp fixture is usually kept just inside the ceiling. The architecture of the house will thus determine whether the house will have recessed lighting or not. These luminaires are best used for ambient lighting, where a large area or room is lit with recessed lamps. The lighting fixture normally makes the room very beautiful, because you can not see the lamp but can see where the light comes from.

Wall light Luminaires

These have a long arm that protrudes from the wall, from which the lamp is held. Paintings are thus the best lamps that fit this description. They are used in most homes to provide work lighting as well as accent lighting. Areas of the home where lamps are used most include the living room and bathroom. A number of large lighting variations can be achieved by using wall decorations, such as lighting only one wall up or down to draw attention to the floor.

Lamp cabinet under the cabinet

These luminaires come in the form of small lamp strips or recessed lamps in the form of small panels. They find the use most in the kitchen where tasks such as cutting and cleaning need to be illuminated without the shadows that come with ceiling lighting.

Track lights

In this type of lamp luminaire, a long rail or rail is used to accommodate from three lamps to more in the ceiling. This offers a variety of patterns for the homeowner as the track can be either straight, curved or even in a zigzag shape.