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Flexible track lighting

Flexible track lighting

Flexible track lighting is a method of providing light where light fixtures are connected anywhere in a continuous, flexible track device that has an electrical connection. This type of track lighting can be installed anywhere in your living room due to its flexibility. They bend in all shapes and forms.

When and where to use flexible track lighting?

Flexible track lighting is an excellent alternative when you want task or accent lighting continuously, for example in art galleries or restaurants. They are actually a good choice in any commercial or residential environment that needs continuous lighting. Bending the path to suit your needs, whether it is to highlight the photos you have placed on the wall in your home, or to provide light to the rows of tables in a laboratory, gives a customized feel to your lighting design. It also allows you to adjust the light that falls on a particular space. Flexible track lighting is not expensive compared to many other options, and it uses energy efficiently. It is also aesthetically pleasing if you choose the right type of track light and finish.

Luminaires for flexible track lighting

Flexible track lighting has two choices of luminaires: flexible track heads and mini-pendants. When using flexible groove heads that can be adjusted at any angle to shine on a wall hanging, for example, aim at an angle of 30 degrees to minimize glare and reflection. There is also a style today to combine mini-pendants with track light heads. This results in a custom look and provides a combination of accent, ambient and work lighting. When installing flexible track lighting fixtures in spaces such as an art gallery, it is best to use LED lamps, as they are energy efficient and the light they emit is not as harmful to works of art as other alternatives are.

Popular light shades and finishes

Flexible track lamps are usually decorative and available in glass shades. Popular light shades are brushed nickel, champagne glass, amber glass, Tiffany glass, amber glass, white and black. For a breathtaking finish, find one that matches what is already in your living space. If brushed nickel is ubiquitous in your home, including cabinet hardware and door handles, you can certainly choose a finish that complements it. If you want the track light to blend seamlessly with the ceiling, it is best to choose a white surface. Polished chrome, oil-driven bronze, black, white and brushed nickel are light surfaces that are in high demand.