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Tiffany table lamp ideas

Tiffany table lamp ideas

Table lamps offer so much in terms of modesty and provide just the right amount of lighting that is necessary. One wonders what more can be achieved with the table lamps, and this is where Tiffany table lamps have an answer in simple terms, elegance. Tiffany table lamps, in common terms, are known as stained glass windows. Stained glass is patterned in many different shapes and also contains a variety of shades that provide a great contrast. This table lamp is more of a decorative lamp. The authentic ones are also a favorite among auctioneers and collectors, though there are also mass-produced ones that are cheaper in price.

How to buy one of these Tiffany table lamps? These are the points you should consider before buying one of them.


The beauty of the Tiffany table lamp lies in the different shades of the glasses used here. Using stained glass for lighting is a fairly old style for lamps, but this table lamp gives it a modern look. When choosing a lamp, you must take into account the glasses on the lamps. The shades are nothing more than stained glass cut into a certain shape and placed together to form a shape. They usually come in a semicircular shape. You must make sure that the colored glass is placed properly and does not fall off easily. The second factor to consider is the combination of different shades. The combination of shades should ensure that the lamps do not become too extravagant as they reduce the elegance factor there.

The bases

The Tiffany table lamps are designed in bronze and are heavy. Depending on the lamps, the base can be either designed or standard. Still, they still give the lamp an antique look. The modern bases can be made of either cast bronze or even in white metal or wood. In general, the weight of the base is one of the factors to consider when buying a Tiffany table lamp, as it gives a robust look to the lamp. However, such a base is only available in antique original pieces that can be quite expensive. The modern mass-produced ones are made with relatively cheaper materials.

The purpose

When it comes time to buy a Tiffany table lamp, you must definitely consider the purpose and location of the lamp. Also the size of the room, the table where the lamp would be placed, the quality of the lamp are some of the other pointers. An important factor is that you have to make sure that the lamp gels well with the amount of furniture around it and does not look like an odd decoration completely out of sync.