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bedside table with a white bedside lamp

bedside table with a white bedside lamp

The bedside table often loses its luster under boring alarm clocks, remnants of snack snacks and under the books you have planned to read. You can use a few tricks to transform the bedside table directly into an elegant contact point from the design perspective. A white bedside lamp can give a style to the conventional bedside tables. This is how you can make your nightstand beautiful with a white night light.

Have a balanced bedside table

With a white bedside lamp, you can use objects of different sizes and heights. This will help you create a balanced point of contact. You can place a white curved night light on a boxy nightstand. This makes the installation visually interesting.

Use complementary colors

When planning to decorate your bedside table with a white night light, make sure you consider the color. You can either have everything in the same color or you can try to coordinate with the bed.

Be a little creative when using white table lamps

A white table lamp makes a very well-shaped addition to the arrangement of your bed. You can try to have a funky mix. This can give the feeling of design to the whole setting. You can try adding your favorite items or amazing artwork to elevate the feeling in your bedroom.

Include fresh flowers

Adding fresh flowers to the bed along with a white bedside lamp can do wonders for your room. These not only add a colorful space by the bed but also give an organic feel to your bedroom. You can also try using a houseplant or shell.

Use incorrect tables

You do not really need to have matching bedside tables. Make sure that the tables have the same type of finish and have the same height. Consider placing one white bedside lamp on the side and accentuating the other with other accessories. You might as well consider having a pair of white bedside lamps. The difference in color has the potential to complement each other in a beautiful way.