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Beautiful lampshades in the bedroom

Beautiful lampshades in the bedroom

Yesterday I have been in lighting stores to map the latest trends and fashions of lighting fixtures that prevail in American industry. I was overwhelmed by the amazing variety available in the markets. There is plenty of furniture but lampshades in the bedroom were the catch. I bought some nice looking crystal bedroom lampshades for my room.

Bedroom lampshades

Just like furniture and other fixtures bedroom lampshades are equally important for modernizing a bedroom. It not only creates decoration for the side tables but also adds a complement to the overall theme of the room. The color of the light screen will definitely enhance your furniture. If you already have some nice side tables in oak with fine polishing. These shades in neutral colors will not only create a wonderful combination with base wood but also create a wonderful charm to your bed.

Lampshades according to your bedroom’s theme

There is a widespread trend in the United States to give distinct themes to each bedroom. Contemporary theme includes curves and sweeping lines. Curvy and round lampshades are definitely suitable for this look. This theme largely advocates a minimalist approach, the less is the more. So it becomes really important for such themes to choose a masterpiece that not only expands the theme but also fills the light enough. Modern themes use edges, corners and sharp lines to create a nice and crisp look. Such a look is also included in shades. Angular, square and elongated shades support the modern theme. For other themes, you can easily browse the desired lampshade look. If you want to be unique then try to use your arts and crafts skill. By using old recycled material, you can create your own lampshades. If you have retired your fruit baskets, color them only with live splashes. Make holes large enough to lead the electrical wire to hold the lamp and place it on the lamp holder and you are done with your custom lampshade. There are several other ways to create distinctive and creative lampshades.

Types of bedroom lamps

Lampshades come in different styles and looks. You will be fascinated by the diversity of colors and patterns. Free pendant shade, kitchenette pendant, and crease shade, regular shades, wavy shades, acrylic shades, lantern style shades, fun ceiling shades, brass pendant shades, beaded shades, laser cut light shade, ceiling pendant shade are some of the examples of bedroom lampshades.