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Dimensions of the king mattress

Dimensions of the king mattress

The beds vary in size depending on the room arrangement, single room or dormitory room forces us to choose a specific size of the beds. Manufacturers have standardized the sizes and given them names, so it would be easier in marketing. Each bed size has its own corresponding mattress size, for example the king-size bed has a king-size mattress. There are many king mattress dimensions, as there are many king size bed dimensions according to the region. There are the United States and Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan. Each region has its own dimensions.

King size beds have one of the largest dimensions, therefore the dimensions of the king mattress are also one of the largest in the category. Each country or region has its own royal mattress dimensions, according to the royal bed. The USA and Canada both have the same dimensions of 193 x 203 cm, while the Australian dimensions are 183 x 203 cm. The United Kingdom defined the dimensions as 150 x 200 cm, and Europe uses it as 160 x 200 cm. There are also the Japanese dimensions of 170 x 195 cm, which are considered to be the smallest of them all.

All royal mattress sizes consume more material than any other size due to its large number and size. The materials vary from cotton, synthetic fibers, fabric and wool. Some mattresses have different sides, one of which is made of cotton during the summer. and the other side is made of synthetic fibers for winter time. All mattresses in general are made of the finest materials ever, which is why it comes with a long warranty period. As long as you keep it clean and use it wisely, it will do it longer in life.


Do not just go and buy a king mattress, you need to know exactly how your bed is measured. The size of the king mattress varies depending on the size of the bed, so you must be careful not to get a mattress that does not fit your bed properly.