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bright chandelier for interior decoration

bright chandelier for interior decoration

Lighting a home has both decorative and functional aspects. Each of these aspects of lighting is applicable individually, but there are rooms that can implement both at once. A living room is lit for both functional purposes and decorative aspects. When looking for a luminaire that can perform both aspects, chandeliers are best.

The weight of the chandelier refers to so many factors including safety and losses. A heavy chandelier if not fixed properly can fall and injure someone underneath. In addition to causing accidents, it can also lead to losses as it can destroy other valuables such as expensive dining or living room tables. The chandelier itself when purchased expensively and made of delicate materials such as crystals can break and lead to losses.

As these lighting fixtures are known for their great weight, it can sometimes be difficult to find a bright chandelier with an elegant look that you desire for your interior.

Here are some tips on how to find the right chandelier for your roof,

Room measurements

As much as your focus is on the weight of the luminaire, you can not ignore their sizes because the size has a direct correlation with the weight. Finding the right size for your room can only reduce the weight factor associated with the size of the chandelier. Measure the width and height of your room with a tape measure. An average living room has a size of up to 393 square meters. If your room is much smaller than this, you should not go for a large chandelier as it will not only have more weight but also ruin your entire room.

Chandelier size

A light chandelier definitely has a smaller size, not unless it is made of heavy metals. The size of the chandelier you choose should have a direct proportionality to your room size. Small room requires a smaller chandelier which in turn is lighter.

Chandelier material

Chandeliers can be made of a variety of materials. The most common materials used are metal including brass, wrought iron, chrome and bronze. Chandeliers made of wrought iron are usually light. They can also be made of materials such as crystals, timber, alabaster or plastic. These are usually lighter than those made of metals. Depending on your decor, choose chandeliers made of materials that are lightest.

Stability in the roof