Countertop for the kitchen

Remodelaholic | Glossy Painted Kitchen Counter Top Tutorial

Worktops for the kitchen can be made of a variety of materials. You get a very large selection to visually in many ways to achieve a special effect in kitchen design. But especially with worktops, good looks are not everything. Also functionality and a long lifetime are important. Therefore, choose …

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Country style – kitchens in a fashion trend

Past Projects

Not only in fashion, but also in the living worlds of today, this current style has long set its accents. The charisma of the furnishings suggests homeliness and coziness. The pleasant living feeling in the country house style results from bright and warm colors. More and more consumers want this …

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Modern and stylish – how to find the perfect kitchen

Guide to design a modern kitchen

Increasingly, the kitchen becomes the central space of an apartment or house. Since this is to be adapted to the living environment, it is quite difficult to find from the large range of different kitchens, a modern kitchen that meets the requirements. If the residents are endowed with a weakness …

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Individual furniture can form into a perfect kitchen

Italian Kitchen Equipment Ethiopian Furniture Kitchen Cabinet Turkey

The kitchen is a very special room and therefore a special interior is needed. The kitchen represents a working space where necessary activities are performed in it. The cooking area must be as functional as possible. On the other hand, cooking should not only be an everyday activity, but it …

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Wooden kitchens – trendy

Wooden-kitchen-designs_1 | Interior Design Ideas

In the area of ​​interior design, too, the trend is increasingly towards environmentally conscious and ecological living. Wooden kitchens have never been so popular as in this time. Not only does wood as a material for your kitchen fronts improve the indoor climate, it also contributes significantly to overall well-being. …

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Kitchen in sophisticated design

Mid-Century Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas You'll Want to Steal

For a family, what constitutes a single place for food preparation is increasingly the heart of the house or apartment. Living in many families today means that most people’s daily lives are in the kitchen. Accordingly, the main role of a kitchen in terms of the device is to be …

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Guide Modular Kitchens – individual and practical

Attractive Modular Kitchen at Rs 1000 /square feet | Modern Kitchen

The right modular kitchen for every requirement For a modern kitchen to become the highlight of your entire apartment today, flexibility and individuality are indispensable. In addition to the basic layout of the room, flexible room planning not only takes into account your personal preferred interior design style, but also …

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Guide kitchen block – a space-saving solution

Butcher Block Countertops Pros and Cons - Bob Vila

If you only have little space to accommodate your kitchen, so a kitchen block could help here. It integrates all the important components of a kitchen to save space, to accommodate stove, refrigerator and Co. well. All electrical appliances, sink, base cabinets, and wall units are combined in a compact …

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Ikea kitchens – kitchen dreams of Ikea

Thinking of installing an IKEA kitchen? Here's what you need to know

Ikea kitchens are very popular! No matter if you are young or old, you will always find something at Ikea. Ikea furniture is affordable, yet with high quality and long life. Especially in recent years, the furniture store has become firmly established in Germany and joins next to other furniture …

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