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Wooden tiles for the terrace

Wooden tiles for the terrace

Wooden tiles for a natural ambience

In a hectic time of hurry and technology, the desire for a place of cosiness becomes ever stronger. Get nature in the house, on your terrace or in your garden! With wooden tiles you quickly create a pleasant atmosphere.

Different types of wooden tiles

When choosing the right wood tile, you have a wide selection of different types of wood available. Depending on the taste and your ambience, you can choose between different patterns and colors. Important in your choice is also to consider whether the wood tile is to be installed indoors or outdoors. For outdoor use, tropical woods such as massaranduba or teak wood are the best choice. These woods are particularly hard and resistant to the weather. The costs play a further role in your decision. Depending on the quality and provider, the price for wood tiles is between two euros and 25 euros per square meter,

Lay wood tiles yourself easily

An advantage of the wood tiles is that they can be laid with some skill itself. Prerequisite is the right substrate. Ideal would be a flat terrace floor, for example made of concrete or screed. For the laying of the outdoor wood tiles on lawns, sand or gravel, the trade offers prepared squared lumber as a base. Laying is particularly easy if you opt for wood tiles with click system. The individual tiles are plugged into each other and knocked. If you protect the tiles with a waterproof varnish immediately after installation, you will enjoy your new outdoor patio floor for a long time.