Thursday , October 6 2022

The upholstered bed offers maximum sleeping comfort!

Upholstered Beds, Upholstered Bed Frames & Fabric Beds | Pottery Barn

The Upholstered bed is comfortable and modern at the same time! The bed frame is upholstered with a soft foam layer, the Beds upholstery are covered with a textile or leather cover, creating a soft bed cushion, which brings a restful sleep pleasure. A wide range of colors offers a …

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The bed bench makes for a cozy bedroom!

Bedroom Benches

As the name suggests, are bed benches in the bedroom. They do not serve as a substitute for a bed, but complement the bedroom furniture as a practical additional piece of furniture. On the bed chest The clothes are taken off in the evening when taking off. The morning serves …

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Beautiful Bedroom Mirrors


A mirror in the bedroom offers incredible design options. Whether on the wall opposite the bed, next to the bed, behind the bed at the head of the bed or even above the bed on the ceiling – it’s all about personal commitment. Watching yourself and / or your partner …

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Bath stool for more comfort in the bathroom Shower Stool\Shower Chair Adjustable Height Portable

In most bathrooms there is a lack of proper seating, because who wants to sit down after a hot, relaxing full bath already on the cold toilet seat? With a Stools can be quickly remedied in this case. A bath stool is a compact piece of furniture designed to meet …

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Storage beds furniture with additional storage space

Hanover Storage Bed | Value City Furniture and Mattresses

Beds were already known in ancient times. While the rest furniture used to be richly decorated and used only by the wealthy upper classes, today in industrialized countries everyone can afford their own bed. The focus is no longer laid on the decoration, but on sleeping comfort and convenience in …

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dining room chest with style!

Dining Room Dresser |

The dining room is a place where you can relax and enjoy. Whether tasty meals with your loved ones or cozy games evenings – the dining room is the heart of every apartment. If you attach great importance to a stylish interior, you should choose our high quality Dining chests …

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Retro furniture for a charming nostalgic living ambience

Our Furniture - 366 Concept Retro Furniture - Mid-century Design Icons

Retro furniture designates interiors that are modeled on the models of bygone stylistic eras in terms of design and material quality. A cupboard, a chair a bed – every piece of furniture has shapely forerunners whose special charm is reflected in retro furniture. The models for retro furniture can, for …

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Shoe shelves – more space for your favorites!

Wire Shoe Rack | Wayfair

Shoe shelves are very useful pieces of furniture, because you protect your shoes from light and dust. Shoes protected from dirt and UV rays have a longer life and you can rest assured that your shoes are always in good hands in the shoe rack. You have many shoes and …

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Design wall units: Creative look for the living room

Living Walls, Vertical Gardens, Plant Walls, Moss Walls

Within the last few years, the image of the originally sober wall unit for the living room has changed fundamentally. Instead of closed residential walls, the design wall system is now being used in many households. Their modular design allows a wide variety of living concepts to be realized. These …

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CD shelves: versatile, modern and high quality!

CD Racks |

Without music, life would be only half as nice. Songs create a good mood, provide comfort and create a pleasant atmosphere. If you want to have your favorite music always at hand, CD shelves are ideal for you. High-quality CD shelves not only provide you with plenty of storage space, …

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