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Kitchen high chairs

Kitchen high chairs

While in the past the bar stool was only found in pubs and bars, today it is increasingly found in private households thanks to the kitchen and kitchen counter. And not only isolated in the party cellar, but quite open as an integral part of the home furnishings. Thanks to their versatile design, stools have become indispensable in many German dining rooms and kitchens.

The different versions of the high chair

Bar stools are so popular with shoppers because they come in quite a few different styles, designs and materials. This allows them to adapt perfectly to all living styles. As materials can be used both noble wood and high-quality plastic as well as rustic metal or a padding with robust woven fabric, genuine leather, fur or artificial leather. In addition to the different materials, the individual models differ in their presentation and the resulting properties. So there are simple bar stools with and without back and armrests, models that are height adjustable and therefore suitable for several locations and bar stools with and without footrests for more comfortable seating. Folding and stacking bar stools can be stored space-saving when not in use and quickly set up when needed.

Kitchen high chairs can have the following characteristics depending on the design:

  • stackable
  • foldable
  • height adjustable
  • swiveling
  • with and without back and / or armrest
  • with and without seat pad
  • with and without footrest

High chairs not only relax the ambience of the apartment skillfully, through them you can also experience the room from a new view. Because bar stools have a different seat height than the conventional chairs. With traditional seating and a high-rise dining chair, traditional loungers give the home a refined feel and, when placed in the right place, provide a quick and comfortable seat. In addition, they are particularly suitable for people with back or hip problems due to the high seating surface of upholstered models with arm and backrest. The up and dismounting succeeds those concerned with stools with a 10 to 15 cm higher seat better and painless, than getting up, for example, from a deep couch. Height-adjustable high chairs also have the advantage that they are suitable for people with different body sizes

As the range of bar stools or counter chairs is quite diverse and varied, one should consider before buying kitchen chairs exactly which model one decides. When buying online, you should not rely solely on the manufacturer’s information, but look at test results and customer reviews. This is the only way to prevent annoying false purchases and find a model that is particularly suitable for his needs.