Wednesday , April 24 2024

Double beds for the perfect togetherness!

Double beds - Wide Selection

Double beds are the biggest thing you can get in bed. The most popular lying areas in the area are 140×220, 160×200, 180×200 and 200×200 cm. But also a double bed 180×190, 180×220 and 200×220 can be found in our extensive range. If you buy a double bed, you rely …

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Discover beautiful wall mirrors in all variations

Tehama Wood Wall Mirror | Pottery Barn

Who does not know him, the saying “Mirror, mirror, on the wall …”? Apart from fairy tales, it also makes clear what an important role wall mirror when furnishing the apartment – and even in business premises, z. B. in the entrance area in combination with the wardrobe – plays. …

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Colonial furniture: Elegant design in dark colors!

Phillips Antiques u2013 Product Categories u2013 Colonial Furniture

Colonial furniture bring a touch of exoticism to the apartment. These furniture are made of solid wood and impress with a high quality finish. Exotic wood species, for example teak, mahogany or rosewood can be used for the production. Become frequent colonial furniture also made from local woods. The processed …

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Bedroom bench: Classic furniture with charm

Bedroom Benches You'll Love | Wayfair

If you want to give your bedroom a nostalgic charm, opt for a stylish bedroom bench. The bench is placed directly on the bed and is not only decorative, but also practical. You can use the extra space as a seat, drop your books there, or sort your clothes for …

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Designer armchair: anything but ordinary

Designer Leather Chair / Mid Century Designer Armchair / Real Top

With a Designer armchair you can beautify your living area in a modern way. Designer armchair are enjoying increasing popularity in German households. These are unique armchairs, and they are certainly more expensive than a normal lounge chair, but if you want to keep up with the times, this investment …

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Office stool for more well-being

Office Stools You'll Love | Wayfair

A convenient one office stool makes working more pleasant. At work, many people spend most of their waking hours – often more than in their own home. Anyone working in a sitting position knows that a wrong posture can strain the back enormously. Disturbing headaches, tense muscles and even long-term …

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Solid wood beds, nothing is better than real wood!

Beds | Bedroom Furniture Solid Wood Bed Leather Bed | Nofran

Take care with traditional Solid wood beds for a timelessly beautiful bedroom ambience. The natural smell of nature and freedom alone ensures that you feel comfortable in the bedroom. But that’s not all: A bed made of solid wood still conveys the harmony and natural comfort as in grandmother’s time, …

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A shelf cabinet is versatile and practically divided

Lista DW Sliding Door Shelf Cabinet 1 Adjustable Shelf 1 Bottom

On shelf cabinet is a practically divided cabinet furniture that integrates both open shelves and concealed storage with doors. Whether in the office, in the living room or in the kitchen Shelf cabinets perform well everywhere. In the office, those files that are always at hand are often stored in …

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Solid wood benches

Simple outside wooden Bench | Solid wooden benches and bench seating

If you want to give your home a special charm, put a lot of emphasis on a stylish decor. Beautiful furniture creates a cozy ambience – and that’s what you want after a long day at work. The most popular pieces of furniture include solid wood benches in various designs. …

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