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How to make your own cage wall for less than $ 25

How to make your own cage wall for less than $ 25

Cage wall lamps have not only shaken the retro period but are in trend even now. They make up very exquisite outdoor or outdoor lighting. Unlike other scones that look best when paired or placed in series, they can be placed even on a single device and will not fail for both function and appearance. Today in this article we have discussed step by step guide to make your own cage wall lamp at a price of 20 – 25 $. All you need is an old wall lamp.

Step 1 –

Just Google lampshade or “lamp cage” and you will find many options that cost no more than $ 16 – $ 20. Choose plastic. You will know why later in the article.

Step 2 –

Remove your old wall lamp from the wall and carefully remove its shade.

Step 3 –

Lamp cages are usually available in bright colors and you need an industrial look with them so painting is a good idea. For best results, use a combination of reactor metal paint, rust activator and primer. Application of reactor metal paint will add some metal particles for the rust activator to react and give an original faux look. Two coats of metal paint are enough, let dry for about an hour and then apply the reactor to it. A base color is completely optional. The colors will be expensive but then you have saved enough in the cage to be able to afford this plus they spread more. Therefore less material and more coverage.

Step 4

The army on the shoe should first be painted with metallic paint. It is up to you to add reactor or not. Many people like to have a contrasting look with a beautiful textured look in their cage wall lamps.

Step 5 –

The hinge of the frame has buckles that allow us to change light bulbs inside. It should be noted that these are tight fittings, so it may be possible that they chip the color of the cage while fixing the light. The use of a permanent brown marker is perfect for solving this problem. It will effectively hide the color of the plastic underneath.