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Nursery furniture design

Nursery furniture design

The matching nursery furniture for all ages

Nursery. Of course, if you have a child, you will also have at least one nursery and of course you need furniture. The nursery furniture must be adapted to the age, so there are of course kindergarten children, preschool children, elementary school children and teenagers. Each child has different needs and so the room needs to be designed. However, as there are target-group-specific designs, you will find exactly what you like and what you are happy with.

Nursery furniture is available in various sizes, tailored to the needs of children and adolescents. For the little ones, there are nursery furniture with increased safety standards, such as rounded corners, soft materials and more. For older children, even teenagers, there are furniture that is safe and that are absolutely modern. With the right pieces of furniture, every child and every young person will feel completely at home, in their own four walls.

The product and design diversity for the nursery

Product variety for the nursery

The children’s room can be filled with all imaginable furniture. Of course, beds, wardrobes and a desk are the most important things for teens. For the little ones the bed, the closet and also Spieltruhen- or cabinets. We find furniture that even grows with the children. Such as adjustable tables, whose legs are adjustable in height. Equally adjustable desk chairs and even beds. The loft bed, which does not always have to be one, but can be rebuilt as a youth bed. These are just a few examples from our product world.

Design variety for the nursery

As different as the children’s room furniture is, we naturally also offer the most varied designs for this room. First, of course, the design differs in boys and girls furniture, mostly by the colors. But then there are of course other differences in the designs, so you can get for small pirates, little knights, little princesses the matching printed furniture. For teens, there are furniture with music printing, pop art printing and other. Just for everyone exactly what is fun. You can do all your creativity.

Materials and care Nursery furniture

Materials in the nursery

The children’s room includes high quality furniture and these are made of a variety of materials. Just light wood and plastic are very suitable for the nursery, so you can keep the risk of accidents very low. Just imagine once, a heavy wooden chest of drawers falls over and that on the child. All furniture should not only be set up, but also best anchored. Even if we have to offer high quality nursery furniture, so parents have to take additional security measures. Please pay attention to the highest quality when buying furniture. And the materials for smaller children must always be rounded and in textiles and plastics, of course, should be no pathogenic ingredients.

The care of the nursery furniture

If you buy high quality furniture, you want to use it for a long time. Therefore, you have to take care of the care of the furniture. We offer you a guide that shows you exactly how to nurture and nurture children’s furniture made of various materials. The guide also includes care tips for other rooms!