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Household lighting project

Household lighting project

I recently graduated from college with my majors in interior design. After a successful introduction to an interior design company, my CEO assigned me some household lighting project to confirm my job. Right now I am on a 3 month trial period and further continuity is largely dependent on the success of this project.

An optimal combination

I have decided to use different combinations of household lighting to create a warm and welcoming appeal to the place. Individual source does not adequately address all aspects. Chandeliers that provide enormous light do not enrich corners with lighting. Different light fixtures with different heights would be required to create an optimal brilliance.


The area can become an enchanted place if new dimensions are added to existing places. If the living room and other areas are equipped with antique objects, some works of art and crafts or stylish woven rugs will give an eternal impact on the surroundings. The idea would be to use these lighting fixtures as visual probes to change the dynamics of the space being transformed into an ideal space. Variety is the most unique style for everyone. I plan to use series of up and down lighting to address different corners of space. Area equipped with some cute and nice wall hangings will have ceiling lights that cast light downwards. Spaces with murals and accent walls will be controlled by upward lighting. Some glass or metal table lamps can also be placed where the landscape is in the background.


Balance is the key to all matters, so it also applies to house lighting. You need to create and maintain a balance between luminaire lighting and other additions. Too much lighting can also ruin the contrast between things that create the overall feeling. However, it is a technique that if you have nice floors or carpets or even carpets, simple chandeliers can do wonders and but if the floors are dull, try to draw attention with extraordinary lamps. Use such luminous lights that not only achieve functional goals but also cover spaces beautifully and decorate the walls. Quality should never be compromised. Even when treating and fixing luminaires, you should make sure that the cables are properly insulated and ground. A minor mistake can give you dangerous results and can lead to major damage to residents.