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Lamps and lamps ideas

Lamps and lamps ideas

There are different collections of chandeliers, lamps, pendants and other luminaires in that it is almost impossible to find a type that suits your wishes. But there are means where you can come up with your own unique lights and lamps to light up your home. These ideas give you the freedom and opportunity to choose your own patterns, materials and color among other details.

Ceiling lamp with stainless steel

Stainless steel ceiling lights look glamorous in the kitchen, in the dining room or above the breakfast bar. These lights are easy to make because all you need to do is attach the wires, hardware and cables. In addition, you can paint them to complement your decor in the room.

Snowball light

You can create your own snowball light with hardware clothing, coffee filters and LED lighting. the best part is that these are basic elements that you can get from your home. You can also color the coffee filters to create a beautiful wall lamp for your bedroom.

Ceiling lamp hung on a hemp string

They seem complex but the truth is that they are easy and fun to make, to make these lamps you need hemp strings, bouncy balls, some craft glue. Before hitting the strings on the ball, you must specify a position where your pendulum is to be hung. Use your glue to wrap the strings on the ball, empty the ball and hang your pendant lights in the ball; in an instant your lamp will be ready and you can hang your lamps in the living room or in your dining room.

Book lamp

It may seem like an odd idea to make light with a book, but when you think about it, a book can create an amazing and glamorous effect. The secret is to make sure the light spreads through the pages of the book. All you need to do is install your hardware and cords in the book and then attach it to the wall in your room, you can either hang it above your bed or in the living room and at the end of the day you will be amazed.

Paper folded lamp

With a little patience you can make very beautiful lamps with paper. All you need to do is carefully fold the papers into glamorous shapes and then install your LED lights in the center. Folded paper lamps look beautiful at the entrance, corridor, living room and kitchen.