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Different chandelier designs

Different chandelier designs

There is a large selection of different types of chandeliers on the market as well as on the internet. Before you actually shop for a nice and appealing chandelier for your house, you need to be aware of all the different chandelier designs to choose from. This is very important because you want to buy a chandelier that fits perfectly into your house. Some of the publicly available chandelier designs are discussed in the sections below for your own convenience.

Brass chandeliers

If you are looking for something elegant and stylish, it is a good option to buy a chandelier in brass. The base and foundation of these chandeliers are made of pure brass which is very durable and can last a long time. A chandelier made of pure brass can last as long as in many future generations. So if you are considering making an investment to be a lifetime, it is best to buy a chandelier in brass.

Roof basket design

If you are looking for a small selection for a ballroom or living room, it is a great option to buy a ceiling basket designed crystal chandelier. There are several options for different materials when it comes to this chandelier design. You can choose either a gold-plated bracket or you can buy chrome-plated. There are also some other options but the ones mentioned above are the most popular.

Entryway chandeliers

Chandeliers that are in cascades are perfect if you want one for a larger room or an entrance to a large house. Chandeliers with entrance or foyer are available in three layers. There is a small layer at the top of the chandelier and a large layer of the pool at the bottom. These layers are separated from each other by crystal strings that are designed to come with a majestic luster sometimes when the chandelier is illuminated. Such chandeliers are perfect if you are looking for a luxurious and happy feeling for your house.

Tailor-made crystal chandeliers

If none of the above chandeliers seem to be good enough for your taste, you may want to find a retailer that offers the option to order a custom chandelier. You can give them your own requirements and specifications and they would come with exactly the same chandelier.