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Baby room design ideas

Baby room design ideas

Living ideas Baby room – Small but nice

Who is not overwhelmed by the gigantic range of exciting and cool new things for the nursery when walking through the baby department of a department store or specialty store. Even relevant magazines are brimming with current home decor for the nursery. But it does not always have to be designer furniture or tailor-made bed linen, with a little imagination you will be able to create a delightful ambience for your youngest with little money.

Trendy living ideas for the baby room

Baby clothes, duvet covers, wallpaper, children’s furniture and toys, the list of baby equipment seems to be endless. Worse still, out of many things, the baby has grown out fast and they need to be replaced with new ones. This costs a lot of money, more than young families often have available. As a solution often used items are used, which you get given by friends or cheap on the flea market buys. Keep in mind, however, that older strollers, high chairs or baby cots often no longer meet current safety standards. These are not bargains but expensive traps. Make sure you have a current safety label for articles for the baby room.

For the baby room, you do not have to run after every trend. Even a functionally equipped room can be very attractive. A few healthy, fresh colors and child-friendly materials ensure that the baby feels well. And think about yourself, too. A comfortable chair or armchair should stand in the baby’s room to support her back while holding the baby in her arms.

Decisions for now and later

Resist the traditional color clichés pink and blue when setting up the baby room. Try to find a color that suits the child and will accompany him or her for the first five years. For the early years, sunflower yellow (not lemon yellow), leaf green or sky blue are a good solution. At the beginning, wallpaper with cute teddies or baby animals is not bad, at least until your child makes the decoration of the room. If you have several children, reserve a separate color for each child.

Even after a short time not only pants and jackets are too small, even furniture can not fit in size anymore. Fortunately, there are growing beds, tables and chairs, an advantage that you should plan right from the start. Thinking ahead makes it unnecessary to buy a new piece of furniture every few months.

Be creative

In the first few years, your child will not judge your ability to paint, process wood or sew. Maybe you even discover a hidden talent. Paint the furniture in cheerful colors, paint your own motifs on free wall surfaces. Do not forget the ceiling of the room, in the beginning your baby usually looks up. For the realization of such living ideas you will find numerous templates in the specialized trade.

Above all, a baby room should be safe. Make sure that all pieces of furniture have rounded corners and edges. Picture frames, lamps, shelves should be securely fastened.

Only buy things that your baby really needs. With gifts from grandparents and friends, you often have many things in twofold or in triplicate. It does not make sense to keep these things long, the baby will grow out of everything quickly. Decide which things are essential and sell superfluous things on online auctions or give them away to the needy.