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Wooden winter garden

Wooden winter garden

A wood winter garden is characterized by some decisive advantages. Compared to a winter garden made of other materials, you can definitely benefit here. So you can edit the natural material wood individually and use for yourself. Moreover, wood is a renewable resource that stands for sustainability and environmental awareness. Also, a conservatory made of wood can build very well on their own. A matching kit will help you to save a lot of money in this way, in contrast to an already finished wood conservatory.

What distinguishes a wood winter garden

The creation of a wooden winter garden is made exclusively of glued laminated timber. These are three softwood boards that are glued together. Particularly positive is the enormous stability of this material. In addition, it is very insensitive to temperature fluctuations. In a wood winter garden, you benefit from the good sound insulation and heat insulation. In addition, you have an enormous design variety in the color scheme. This can be individually adapted to the living environment.

On the one hand, the mullion and transom system is possible and on the other hand, the element construction can be used. Both variants leave enough space in the design. It is best to consider the choice of materials prior to the design phase. An exact concept and the creation of a sketch are practical.