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Rectangular hanging chandelier

Rectangular hanging chandelier

A magnificent approach to include a touch of style, shading and identity to any room is to install a rectangular hanging chandelier. These tall light installations were once installed in the formal lounge areas and massive hallways, but contemporary creators currently use them as an emotional point of convergence in kitchens, rooms and even bathrooms. Over time, their flexibility has also evolved. In any case, you can find a rich valuable rectangular hanging chandelier for an ordinary home, but there are also modern luminaires in a wide range of shades and shapes.

Determining the size of your new rectangular hanging chandelier relies on a few key components

Analyze the available space in the room

Make sure that the overall size of the chandeliers is not so huge or small for the room in which it will be introduced. If you are speculating, it is best to choose something marginally too large instead of too small.

Determine the height of the ceiling

A higher ceiling regularly requires a larger appliance. The larger rectangular pendants must be installed in rooms with higher ceilings. But rooms with a small ceiling do not require a larger rectangular hanging chandelier.

Placement over the tables or islands

Provided this is true, make sure that the appliance does not overwhelm the table or the kitchen island when it hangs over it. The rectangular hanging chandelier can be installed in any room as they can be adjusted in the interior of any room.

Add your measurements together

A general principle is to measure the width and length of your room in a single unit to determine the best possible size of a chandelier. For example, a room that is 12 feet by 14 feet would require an appliance that is 26 inches long. If you choose a device for hanging over a table or an island, look for one with a size that is approximately 75% the width of your table. This helps to make the decor of your room attractive and eye-catching,

Considering vertical space