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Perfect path lighting

Perfect path lighting

Arranging outdoor lighting in a house is a completely different project than indoor lighting. For example, for indoors we need extra powerful lamps to illuminate our home, but for outdoor low voltage lights at earlier distances seemed to be perfect. Path lighting is the best way to shine outdoors so that you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful walk in the garden at night.

  • Entrance area
  • Driveway
  • Stair bag
  • Open patio
  • There are many ideas available in path lighting but before discussing them it is better to understand the basics of outdoor lighting.


    For riser luminaires, accent lights are usually considered the best option. These luminaires are used to draw everyone’s attention to a specific object or path. For this purpose, headlights or high-efficiency spotlights are mainly used. For outdoor lighting, halogen lamps are more functional than incandescent lamps due to their long life. Nowadays, fluorescent light bulbs are also recommended for path lighting, as they are also now available with more life and consume less power.


    With the advent of the latest technology in almost all areas of life, the solar landscape’s lighting system is also considered a better alternative. These lamps are lit by consuming solar energy throughout the day and are the best light source without consuming electrical energy.


    The issues related to stair lighting are quite different from indoor lighting. One of the benefits of outdoor lighting is that reflection is no longer a problem for them as it is a major problem in indoor lighting. Because most outdoor surfaces are dark, they do not reflect any kind of light.

    Glare is a problem with outdoor lighting that is formed if the light source is strong enough to create glare. This glare falls directly on the eyes and creates a lot of problems. In the same way, indirect light is preferred over direct light. The difference between the two light sources is that the direct outdoor light or downlight casts light directly on the object while the indirect light reflects on the object’s surroundings and creates a soft impression.


    For brighter road lighting, it is proposed that the lights be fixed in the following places,