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Low budget video lighting

Low budget video lighting

There is a difference between having a well-lit environment and not having an illuminated environment, especially when producing a video. There are many cases where you may be forced to produce videos in poor lighting environments that often have poor effects on the final quality of the video you produce. Even if in most cases you have little or no choice, it does not mean that you should accept it. You may want to check the environmental lighting before accepting the contract and give them suggestions for light changes that can be made to improve the quality of the video they receive. You will also want to give them low budget video lighting suggestions so that they are not deterred by the price.

Lights a scene

When a type of lighting is only required for an event that takes a few hours, but the light needs to be improved, low-budget lighting is the best option. The need to light the scene is very important because the quality of the video will be very poor if this is not done. In recent times with very high video qualities, it is often not possible to watch poor video quality. At the end of the day, the videographer will not be happy with the quality of the work and so will the owner of the work. You would also lose referrals so people will always ask who did a job when they see a good quality and poor quality video job. They will also know how to contract the good ones when they need a videographer and avoid the bad ones.

China lanterns

This is a fantastic inexpensive lighting option as they are often used when producing very expensive movies. They are made of paper material and come in different shapes. You also get a support cable for your lamp.


If you are looking forward to getting a cheap worklight, you can go for the 500 watt tungsten lighting that is available in many light stores. It has a high brightness, although it can sometimes be difficult to control. You should avoid directing the light directly at people’s faces.