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Elegant lounge furniture made of polyrattan for terrace and garden

Elegant lounge furniture made of polyrattan for terrace and garden

The lounge look is on the balcony and terrace

The synthetic fiber poly rattan is the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Therefore, the demand for lounge furniture from this rattan replica lately has increased enormously. They harmonize with any kind of device and do not require much care. Due to the weather resistance they are almost predestined for the outdoor season. This results in completely new views of the garden design. Garden furniture and entire residential landscapes made of polyrattan are increasingly preferred as a cozy oasis of peace and noble lounge corner. Luxury is in the air!

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Elegant and easy-care in at the same time: lounge look made of polyrattan

Due to their characteristics, furniture made of polyrattan radiates timeless charm on the terrace or in the garden. The outdoor area benefits from the design and design of these pieces of furniture. The cushions provide comfort and also exude a special ambience. The care of polyrattan garden furniture is not particularly time consuming. With a damp cloth, the dust can be easily wiped off. In contrast to natural rattan, moisture can not penetrate here. The material even holds fats off. That’s why no unsightly smudges can form. Poly rattan is particularly suitable as garden lounge furniture due to the enormous insensitivity and robustness.

High-quality and dimensionally stable: Lounge furniture made of polyrattan

Manufacturers of brand quality rely on stress tests to meet the high demands on the material. Because the furniture is outdoors year-round, it must be able to withstand special requirements in strong sunlight, moisture or cold. There are qualitative differences here. If the polyrattan fiber has been produced with high quality, then this has a direct effect on the life of the furniture. Typically, this modern material is inherently UV resistant. This is a real advantage for outdoor furniture. In midsummer, the sun can sometimes be very stressful. Natural materials lose color intensity after a while. The higher the quality of the processed poly rattan, the more durable the lounge furniture.

Cost of polyrattan lounge furniture

There are big differences in the prices. Here, the quality is crucial in the first place. But also the size plays a role. Low-cost, low-cost products have the disadvantage that they do not last long and then need to be replaced. It can be rewarding to choose a quality product right from the start.