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Things you need to know before buying a touch dimmer reading lamp

Things you need to know before buying a touch dimmer reading lamp

The right reading lamp for you depends largely on where and when you use it and what do you use it for? Only main criteria should be remembered, ie.

  • Candles must have the right color temperature to give the desired atmosphere in the house
  • Sufficient light should be emitted to be able to read.
  • Your mood and light color temperature

    Have you been to Starbucks café? Have you noticed that lighting conditions there are type of medicine. On the former front it is blue light or white to have a sense of professionalism, while in the latter front amber or warm light is used to create a friendly and more inviting atmosphere. This is the magic of bright color temperatures.

    You do not have to be a psychologist or engineer to know the right shade of reading light that you can buy. Knowing only the best temperature range for reading is enough.

    The lumen figure and what it tells us –

    No matter what task you undertake, you need point attenuators to be light so that it is not difficult to see and at the same time not be too bright for the eyes.

    The brightness can be understood by the lux figure, ie. per square meter, how many lumens it can emit.

    National Optical Astronomy Observatory, suggested that for various tasks such as knitting, reading, working on a computer or writing, an illumination of 250 – 500 lumens light / square meter is required. light up to 1000 – 2000 lumens per square meter. detailed work is needed such as when making embroidery or drawings.

    Tips for greater impact

    It was also recommended that the lower lux is needed in rooms with a dark environment. These reduce the contrast between the darker area and the illuminated area, so when your eyes move over it does not need to see and adjust dramatically.

    Different wattage values ​​for different lamps can be used to form the same luminous flux, you just have to place them accordingly. Touch dimmer lamps can be used to have different intensities or temperatures in the room.