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Matkrona  different types

Matkrona different types

Dining rooms are a great place where people gather and socialize with each other through the most basic human activity of eating. It is therefore important that the dining room in a house provides an atmosphere where people, even those who live in the house, feel welcome at the prospect of gathering in the dining room. Apart from decoration, lighting is at the heart of creating such an atmosphere. And this is where the perfect fixture for such a purpose is the perfect food crown. The chandeliers come in different styles and shapes. Each of them is suitable for a particular room. Here we will see which types of chandeliers fit perfectly in the dining room.

Transitional chandeliers

When considering a chandelier for the dining room, one must definitely take into account the size of the dining room. The perfect food crown depends on it. For a medium-sized dining room, which seats about 10 people, the transitional crown has proven to be a favorite among interior designers. The transitional chandeliers are between the traditional old style and the modern. They contain metal work from the conventional chandeliers and the stylish design of the modern contemporary chandeliers and thus form the perfect accomplice for the food and the environment. These chandeliers include light craftsmanship. However, if the size of the dining room is large and accommodates more than 40 people, this may not be a good option.

Crystal chandeliers

These chandeliers find acceptance in all rooms. When it comes to the perfect chandelier, one must again be careful to choose a crystal chandelier for the dining room, as they are generally very extravagant and can easily overwhelm a small or medium-sized room. The interior designer’s codebook does not suggest them for small and medium-sized rooms. But if the room is quite large, the crystal chandeliers are ideal, where they light up the whole room. In larger rooms, they also act as a perfect companion for the food and form the perfect food crown.

Drum crowns

The chandeliers are unique in their shape, that they are formed around the lamps in the chandelier or the chandelier itself, hence their name. Drum chandeliers are known to give a warm and bright view of the dining room, as the lamps here are mostly surrounded by good light diffusers. Due to their appearance, they are also known as hanging chandeliers. Among all chandelier types, the drum chandeliers are most often used as a food chandelier. The warm light from these chandeliers is perfect for gathering around the dining room. The important factor here again is the size of the room, they are quite common in small to medium sized rooms. The larger rooms would require additional light source to maintain the atmosphere.