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Light fixtures of the highest quality

Light fixtures of the highest quality

Light bulbs are often used in residential and commercial properties for decorative purposes and they are short-lived. These light bulbs are known for different color and light bulb designs and extra decor for all occasions. Here are just a few of the luminaires you can choose from for your home or residential property.

Fluorescent luminaires

These light bulbs are mainly used in commercial buildings due to their low energy consumption. In addition, it is cost effective to use these light bulbs and a great way to reduce your energy bill. They are known for the tool used as canopy purposes, security lamps and interior decoration purposes. In addition, the store owner uses fluorescent luminaires as a psychological tool to get a customer to buy a large amount of products. Psychologically strong lights act as a trigger when a potential buyer walks into a store. To get more benefit from fluorescent lamps, it is better to use places such as loading docks, under construction roofs, large malls and food warehouses.

Mercury lamps

These lamps come under commercial lamp fixtures with high intensity discharge. They are often used in commercial and corporate outdoors for better lighting conditions. They lack color variations making it less attractive to homeowners. The average life of compassion lamps is 24,000 hours. But as time goes on, you can see that gradual lighting decreases.

MH or Metal Halide luminaires

They are increasing in popularity in commercial luminaires. They can produce strong light that can match daylight. They are employed for various purposes such as street lighting, commercial park lighting, landscape lighting, design lighting in architectural buildings and so on. But they only offer 7500 hours for life and that is the biggest disadvantage of MH lamps.

LED luminaires

If you are looking for cost-effective while maximizing light radiation, LED lights are the best choice. Commercial and homeowners prefer LED lights are the first choice when it comes to interior and outdoor lighting. In today’s context, LED lights save both money and energy, which is the main problem for everyone. They have a number of patterns and styles of lamps for interior and outdoor lamps. LED lamps are a good alternative to HID luminaires. They come with a frame or framed version and you can choose by decor.


When it comes to choosing lamp fixtures, there are a number of patterns available in addition to the patterns listed above. Do not stick with an installation and explore more online