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Install a hanging chandelier

Install a hanging chandelier

Hanging chandeliers are known to be a very attractive lighting option and with the right procedure, you can conveniently install your hanging chandelier without any problems but you need to make sure that you remove the old luminaire.

Remove the old fixture

Turn off the power supply and carefully unscrew your old luminaire or if you have direct access to the fuse box, you can deactivate connections to your old luminaire. Check that the power is off by turning the lights on and off, or you can test the power supply with a circuit tester.

Remove all removable parts from the fixture; removable parts include light cabinets, light bulbs and other pendants. Unscrew the nuts from the fixture with a screwdriver and hold the fixture firmly before loosening it from the ceiling.

Note how the cables are connected to facilitate the installation of your hanging chandeliers, disconnect the wiring system and store your old luminaire so that it does not get in the way of your installation.

Install your chandelier

To install your chandelier properly, you need to make sure you determine its weight. Use a screwdriver and a bracket to remove the existing mounting box. You can also remove the existing brass rod to facilitate your fixing procedure. Attach your new mounting box either above or below the ceiling.

The next step is to attach the chandelier to the mounting box; first you need to mount the bottom of the chandelier by screwing together all the parts of the chandelier except the canopy which is directly attached to the ceiling.

If the hanging chandelier has a long chain, you can shorten it to the desired length. you must remember that the bottom of the chandelier should be at least thirty inches above the surface of your tables and if the chandelier I hang in the foyers, it must be at least seven meters above the floor surface.

Install the mounting strip on the mounting box by screwing it into the junction box and you must make sure that it is held firmly in the box. The next step involves pulling the wires in the chandelier through the chain link chain link. Hold the chandelier close to the ceiling and mount it on the chains, wrap the copper wires around the bottom of the canopy and then remove the ends of the insulated wires by joining the hot wires and the neutral wires. Bolt your hanging chandelier in place and test if it works.