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creative ideas for outdoor fixtures

creative ideas for outdoor fixtures

During the summer, a lot of time is spent outdoors, especially when the sun goes down. With this, it becomes important that you use appropriate lighting outdoors. Whether you are hosting a party or just relaxing with your friends or family, you need to make sure there is enough light to illuminate your outdoors. Follow these tips to create a style statement with outdoor fixtures.

Add a touch of Tiki

If you want your outdoors to radiate a unique feel, you may want to consider adding an element of tropical vacation to your garden. For this, you can consider having a tiki torch in your garden. Tiki torches consist of a standard lamp that uses citronella oil. This oil has the potential to repel insects and also has a wick made of fiberglass that can last a lifetime. Whether you intend to have a quiet evening with the family or want to entertain the guests, you can use tiki torches to give the feeling of being on any island.

Gaslamp District

Consider adding a patio lantern to your backyard to add a touch of nostalgia. The lantern is made of weather-resistant materials and uses a standard lamp oil or easily filled containers. You need to fill this with a liquid that is usually citronella oil to light up the evening. The design variations also include four lanterns that are on a single post.

Backyard Zen

Do you want to give a calm feeling to your meetings in your garden? You really need to consider having low voltage trail lights that make the atmosphere calm and also have a classic design. All you need to do is place these around your patio or along a path for effect.

Play with colors

Add some color to your meetings with color-changing candles in your garden. Many are even solar-powered and present a fantastic, colorful show. These lamps gently change colors. These are eastern to install and last for several years.

Tropical twist

If you are looking for a tropical twist in your backdrop setting, you may want to consider installing pineapple track lights in your garden. These are delivered with brass and aluminum construction. Few even have a copper bronze finish.