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Vintage chandeliers types

Vintage chandeliers types

Vintage chandeliers add grandeur and drama to any living space. They create an atmosphere of elegant sophistication that is different from that of any other modern lighting system. Many vintage chandeliers were handmade by master craftsmen and as such are equipped with a uniqueness that can hardly be hoped for in a factory-made chandelier. Vintage chandeliers can be used as a status symbol, to make an aesthetic statement, for ornamental purposes and also to illuminate living spaces.

Types of vintage chandeliers

Chandeliers are hanging lamps that are often detailed, with many levels. A vintage crown, like old wine, was made some time back in time, but has aged gracefully. There are different types of vintage crowns that a buyer needs to be aware of.

Colonial revival

In the chandeliers made of wrought iron, there are patterns that resemble colonial homes.

Sometimes these chandeliers are called neo-Georgian. Colonial-style chandeliers in vintage mostly have arms or branches that are designed so that they seem to hold light instead of light bulbs. This feature increases their visual appeal.


Chandeliers designed at the time of Emperor Napoleon have the style of Italian decorative art etched on them. . Their ornate filigree and crystal strings give them a great and dignified presence.


Tiffany chandeliers are art paintings of stained glass produced by the famous Tiffany and Co. In New York. They come in many formats, with some glass lampshades that have the shape of flower buds. They are available in many colors, so they are likely to complement a large number of living spaces.

Art deco