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Unique chandeliers

Unique chandeliers

Unique chandeliers require special care in that they must be cleaned and maintained in the desired way so that they can perform their function.

  • Make a soap solution with mild soap and water
  • Wash each crystal from the chandelier
  • Rinse each prism in warm water
  • Wipe the crystals with a microfiber towel
  • How to clean unique chandeliers

    Many people are afraid of this job because it requires a lot of concentration and it is also easy and it must be done methodically.

    Step 1

    Make sure you disconnect the chandelier from the power supply, remove all material under the chandelier and allow the bulbs to dry.

    step 2

    Place a thick, soft material or blanket on the floor and make sure it is directly under your chandelier. The main function of this blanket is to provide a safe landing place if you drop any prism from your unique chandelier.

    Step 3

    Carefully remove the light bulbs from the chandelier and set them aside in a safe place, taking care of the delicate parts of the chandelier. Loosen all wires connecting the prisms and carefully loosen the screws to release the centerpiece of the chandelier. Collect all the crystals and place them in a sink before proceeding to the next step.

    Step 4

    Cover the sink with bath towels, it is also important to use plastic filters as they protect the sensitive prisms. Make sure you have two sinks that are well protected, one to wash the prisms from the chandelier and another to rinse them.