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Tips for lighting at home

Tips for lighting at home

Most of us will normally use the standard lights or lighting system that we find in our homes, without thinking much until maybe something goes wrong with the lighting. Well, lighting does not have to be that way. You can add a lot of spices to your home with the help of these home lighting tips.

Layer the Lighting

Most homes have only one central light source per room. Most homeowners are not aware that lighting can be stored, or anything similar exists. Thus, for a well-lit home, use all three light layers of surroundings, task and accent in all your rooms. Ambient lighting is what every home has, which is what lights up the whole room. Task lighting is what is needed to illuminate certain tasks such as grooming in the bathroom and working on counters in the kitchen, without disturbing shadows. Accent lighting is what is used to illuminate certain objects or areas in a room. You will thus have different types of lamps, such as recessed lamps for ambient lighting, track lamps for accent lighting and wall constructions or table lamps for work lighting. You will be fascinated by how expensive and attractive your house will look like.

Optimize natural light

This takes into account the type of curtains you have, as well as the availability of glass in the architecture of your home to help light flow into your house. To do this, make sure that your windows and glass doors are properly cleaned and that the curtain lining is one that is light enough for the light to be able to filter into the house.

Use high quality luminaires

These will not only look good in your house but will also last longer and provide much clearer light. With quality, you have to make sure that the parts are screwed together easily, the metal is robust and not light, shades can easily let light penetrate the thrush without showing light bulbs and much more.

Install dimmer

Dimmers are a great way to add light variation in any lighting at home. They let you change the atmosphere of a room at any time of the day, which can help you reflect on your mood. Most designer dimmers are the best kept secrets of home lighting, as many people are so unaware of them.

Feel your light bulb

The amount of watts you use in your home can either make you have a headache or narrow lines. Too high wattages can cause glare while too low does not help you see clearly, and thus shoot. The most suitable wattage power should be between 25 and 45 watts for a warm and flattering lighting.