Sunday , January 29 2023

Room divider: structuring in a stylish way!

Room Dividers You'll Love | Wayfair

In too big rooms often no cosiness comes up. With a room divider You can divide each large room into individual, cozy zones. For dividing rooms are suitable both screens and curtains as well as shelves that are accessible from both sides. A screen is available in Japanese style as …

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TV armchairs perfect to relax!

Two Wrightbilt 'TV' Armchairs - Mr. Bigglesworthy Designer Vintage

Many of us enjoy relaxing in the evening after work recliner sit back and let the day end with the television. In front of the TV set, the whole family often comes together, also on weekends and on days off. It is all the more important that the recliner offers …

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Designer chairs: Simply elegant sitting

Designer Chairs

The desire for more individuality is constantly increasing. This also applies to the establishment of their own living and working spaces. Designer chairs are a great way to personalize your home and make it more comfortable. The special feature that is common to all designer chairs, however visually so different, …

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Big Sofa: More space to sit, lie and chill

Sofas: Fabulous Gray Modern Style Big Sofas With Coffee Table, Small

Big sofas have been a strong trend in the upholstered furniture segment for several years now. Especially younger people love the oversized sofas with the extra deep seat and usually low seat height. They no longer use the sofa for straight, rigid sitting, but for lying or rummaging. They like …

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Bottle racks to show! Wine Racks America Redwood 24 Bottle Mini Scallop

Do you also like to bring a good bottle of wine from the cellar? Whether you store your drinks in the basement or in the kitchen, in a stable Wine rack good drops are always in good hands. You can do that too wine racks be very special!

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Corner Sofas: Better sitting over corner

Ashdown Large Corner Sofa | Sofas | Darlings of Chelsea

Since corner sofas are very versatile, they are simply a stylish feature for many people. The advantage of corner sofas is that they can easily be placed under sloping ceilings or in small niches. Those who live in a small or winding apartment, therefore, especially benefits from the square sofas. …

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High stool: Not only suitable for the home bar! Modern Barstools Chair with Backrest Footrest High Stool

High stools are chairs with long legs, which are suitable for sitting at the bar or at the counter. Often the stools have a footrest. The footrest makes it easier for small people to sit down and easier to dismount. In addition, sitting on the footrest makes sitting more comfortable. …

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Gastro-chairs: Convenience for satisfied guests

Gastro Vive Brushed Aluminum Metal Bar Chair | Outdoor Collections

If guests feel at home in the restaurant, then you are well known to stay for a little longer. At the same time, well-being begins for the guest in most cases with the right chair. Gastro-chairs must therefore not only be resilient and ensure a long life, but above all …

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Solid wood chairs simply offer more quality!

Solid Wood Chairs, Natural Wood Chairs, Elegant Rustic | repurposed

You need chairs everywhere, because they are more than just a seat. Especially when it comes to Solid wood chairs is. Because the solid wood chairs impress with their longevity and inspire by the different designs. As a complement to a corner bench in the kitchen, the solid wood chairs …

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Upholstered stools: Cozy!

Oak Wood + Upholstered Saddle Bar + Counter Stools | west elm

On Upholstered stool is a versatile piece of furniture. Decorative and comfortable invite soft upholstered stools to raise your legs at the cozy evening on the TV; come visit, are Upholstered stools provide a comfortable additional seating, If required, they can even serve as a shelf and replace the coffee …

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