Monday , July 26 2021

Terrace slabs of bluestone

Black/Grey Slate Paving Patio Garden Slabs Slab Tile - Images hosted

Terraces made of natural stone look attractive and have been used for millennia in home construction and landscaping. They fit better into the overall composition of an outdoor area with the surrounding garden than with the use of concrete slabs. One of these natural materials is the bluestone, which to …

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Bamboo planks as a robust terrace covering

Bamboo Planks | Home Flooring Solutions | Casabella Floors

Outdoor decking should be tough and make friends for many years. A durable material is bamboo boards. Bamboo grows as a raw material very quickly, so that a design of the terrace with bamboo is also very environmentally friendly. Resistant and environmentally friendly material Decking is exposed 365 days a …

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Terrace fireplace for the long evenings

20 Rooftop Terrace Fireplace And Fire Pit Design Ideas To Relax And

The installation of a terrace fireplace guarantees that the sociable and beautiful evenings in the open air do not end with the onset of cold weather. The terrace fireplace spreads a pleasant and comfortable warmth in your outdoor area, which invites you to linger. Cozy atmosphere by a terrace fireplace …

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Terrace chairs are functional and decorative

Wisconsin Union Terrace Chairs | Wisconsin Union Terrace Chau2026 | Flickr

The range of patio chairs is enormous, from simple plastic chairs to chic wicker chairs. Depending on the model, the chairs are priced in different price segments, from the cheap plastic chairs to the more expensive luxury models. Stylish terrace chairs First of all, the style should be determined, which …

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Sitting area Garden – The summer living room

Garden Retreats and Sitting Areas | Traditional Home

We all like to spend the beautiful days of the year in the fresh air and so we like to move our living room into the garden, especially in the summer months. A cozy corner in the garden serves as a cozy place to read or to take delicious drinks …

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Terrace furniture for small terraces

6 Ways To Make The Most Of Small Outdoor Spaces | 3 tiny House

Matching furniture for space on small terraces A private balcony or a small terrace is a real blessing. After all, it always gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air in your own home. And even on so small terraces and balconies, you can create a lot of space …

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Terrace made of tropical wood

Dallington Terrace - Tropical - Deck - London - by Nick Leith-Smith

Terrace made of tropical wood Tropical wood for the terrace offers some advantages. Because tropical woods have a special look and look very good. In addition, they are also very persistent and have a long life. Bangkirai and Massaranduba are the most popular tropical timbers for terraces. Enjoy nature on …

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Terrace design in spring

30 Beautiful Spring Terrace Decor Ideas |

With the right terrace design in the spring When the first rays of sun shine in the spring, then is the perfect time to redesign the terrace. This should finally be, during the warm season, a feel-good place and a small eye-catcher. Especially in the summer, most people prefer to …

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Tips for building a wooden terrace

Repair and maintenance of outdoor wooden flooring, wooden deck, teak

The advantages of a wooden terrace are obvious: wood is a natural product and radiates warmth and comfort. In addition, the construction of a wooden terrace is also feasible for normally talented craftsmen. If you also want to build a wooden terrace, you will find below the most important information. …

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Wooden tiles for the terrace

Laying wooden tiles - wooden floor on the balcony

Wooden tiles for a natural ambience In a hectic time of hurry and technology, the desire for a place of cosiness becomes ever stronger. Get nature in the house, on your terrace or in your garden! With wooden tiles you quickly create a pleasant atmosphere. Different types of wooden tiles …

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