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Garden furniture made of polyrattan

Garden furniture made of polyrattan

Stylish, weatherproof and comfortable garden furniture made of polyrattan

Garden furniture, not just a matter of design

Spring is here and the garden and balcony season begins. If the old garden furniture is then suddenly scrapped garden owners are faced with the question of what garden furniture should be purchased. The choice of the material, the design and the size of garden furniture is not easy, because the new furniture must meet some conditions and possess certain properties. In addition to the design, the choice of material is particularly important. The future garden furniture should be suitable for outdoor and weatherproof. Furthermore, the color must not fade after a short time by sun, rain and wind. The garden furniture should be next to the expediency of the material and the design issue, also convenient, practical and well set up.

Garden Furniture – Why the choice of material is so important!

It is well known that different materials also have different properties. The choice of garden furniture depends on the respective advantages and disadvantages of the material. Outdoor furniture uses high quality wood, metal or plastic materials. The advantage of wood is the natural look, the garden furniture nestles well into the overall picture of a garden. The disadvantage lies in the comparatively short service life and the higher care requirements, because wood weathers quickly. Metal furniture is durable, durable and thanks to paint finishes also weatherproof. Big drawbacks of metal furniture are the cold seat / floor space and that the paint can peel off after some time. Plastics are durable and provide warm seating / shelves, but are only limited load and bleach quickly by the weather.

A good alternative to o. G. Materials are garden furniture made of polyrattan.

Garden furniture in polyrattan – outdoor furniture with style and aesthetic appeal

Poly rattan is a synthetically produced material that has been developed as an alternative to rattan and thanks to its diverse, positive properties is finding more and more followers. Poly rattan is processed like rattan and gives the furniture a typical wicker look. The properties of polyrattan garden furniture speak for themselves. Poly rattan is weatherproof, durable, durable, UV-resistant, does not fade and can withstand enormous temperature fluctuations. Thanks to stylish and aesthetic workmanship, high quality and sophisticated in design garden furniture made of polyrattan are available. The style ranges from classic design to modern futuristic garden furniture.

Polyrattan furniture – not only outdoor enthusiasts

Poly rattan is not only used for garden furniture, but also gives indoor furniture that certain something. The design and combination options with stylish fabric elements and seat cushions are almost endless.