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Bathroom mirrors with light styles and which is best for you?

Bathroom mirrors with light styles and which is best for you?

The bathrooms must be well lit and bright and cheerful, to help match the rest of the day. A shady and dark bathroom can ruin your mood early in the morning. Getting ready in front of the mirror needs extra light, especially to make up better and look at you every day. Therefore, lamps are installed on it, around it or behind it. Lights can vary in several types such as light bulbs for a more rustic and vintage atmosphere or LED lamps for a more modern and contemporary look. Here are some design ideas for your bathroom mirrors with lamps to make it happy and lively:

Light bulbs around the mirror

A long rectangular mirror with light bulbs around the perimeter of the mirror gives a lot of celebrity and atmosphere behind the scenes. Who does not love to be like a celebrity? Getting ready in front of this type of mirror will give that impression every day and also help you apply the makeup well. Although the light bulbs are not very effective, it is really worth the vintage and classic atmosphere.

LED lights behind the mirror

Mirrors with LED light panels installed behind are available today and give a soft diffused look. The advantage of this type of bathroom mirror with lamps is that it spreads light in all directions and helps the mirror to look like part of the wall. It is very compact and thanks to the LED lamps it is very efficient, energy saving and lasts a long time. No additional installation is required as it is pre-installed with the mirror, it only needs to be connected to the wires.

LED light strip on the perimeter

Mirrors with LED strips attached to its perimeter are available online and in stores and give the appearance of lights that are embedded in the mirror. It is covered with a frosted mirror strip to soften the look more and prevent glare. This is the best type of bathroom mirror with lamps, as shapes and styles can be experimented with available in a wide range. It also has light with the mirror and above it to add glam, which combines energy saving of LED and style and appearance of the light bulb design.